Are you interested in leading others? Do you attempt to lead others? Do you teach leadership to others? If you have the talent to be a leader and know how to lead others, you have an edge on success!

    1. Do you not know leadership theoretical secrets and processes?
    2. Are required to teach others how to lead?
    3. Are required to show excellence in leadership?
    4. Want to get a job done correctly and effectively?—HERE ARE THE ANSWERS!




Teachers: Who teach business, management, and leadership. Use as the textbook for courses. Use the cartoons for attention-getting visuals. Use as a critical thinking classroom discussion.

Students: Who desire to know powerful concepts in conjunction and in addition to possible classroom and textbook information. Secret and powerful leadership skills are yours for the reading—hopefully, application.

Healthcare Providers: Who care about the management of patient care and healthcare staff. Content is excellent for workshops and in-service presentations.

Business Owners: Who care about the effective leadership and management of employees. Guidelines are available to prevent, ascertain, and promote positive working situations that increase the productivity and effectiveness of a facility/organization. Learn the qualities of powerful leadership. Learn the effective use of boards.

Employees: Who desire to be a success in job attainment, promotion, and retention. Guidelines are available to increase and maintain positive job relationships—information for knowing your rights as an employee. Learn the role of an effective board member.

Potential Employees: Who desire a positive working environment. Guidelines on how to be the most informed, skilled, and productive potential member of a workforce. Know the skills and secrets of job interviews.



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Stylized Horizontal Rule

* Forward

* Simple Statistics
Making Improvement in Teaching and Testing

* Understanding Test Preparation
and Application of Multiple Choice (MC) and Critical
Thinking (CT) Questions

* Powerful Teaching to Improve Understanding & Performance (Commendation: State Board Passing Improvement)

* Critical Thinking
Scientific Skepticism
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" August 2021)(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" November 2021)

* Communication
Novice vs. Professional
(Commendation: Excellent for Student Nurses)

* Impoverished Leadership

* A Board
Power Through Selection & Process
(Commendation: Responding to Need)

* Hidden Power
Secrets of Acquiring & Maintaining Control
(Commendation: Regarding Content)

* Introduction to the Hiring Process
(Commendation: Improved the
Professionalism of the Process)

* Hiring and Selection of Leaders
Making it Happen

*Essence of Fear Recognizing the Power of Fear Within
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" May 2021)

* Resume Preparation, Cover Letter & Job Interview
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" February 2020)

* Critical Access Hospital: History, Criteria, & Reimbursement
(Includes a Montana perspective)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" August 2018)

* New Beginnings: Turning Over A New Leaf
(Commendation from Industry: "Problem Conquering Works")

* Job Description: Understanding Theories and Processes

* Setting the Compass

The Sense of Knowing
(Conference Presentation Resulting in an Award)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" May 2020)
PCI- Tennessee Edition 53
PCI- Washington Edition 46
PCI- Wyoming Edition 69

* Nepotism
A Family Affair
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" May 2017)

* Entropy
A Factor for Change
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" February 2017)

* Use of Leadership Theories
That Make a Difference
(Commendation Regarding Quality)

* Job Description
Development & Application
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" November 2017)

* Job Interview
How to Get it Right
(Thank You Letter from Facility)
PCI-So. Carolina Edition 62 (thinknurse.com) 2021

*Job Interviews & Discriminatory Behaviors
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" May 2018) PCI - Wyo. (Nursing News) Winter 2021

The Power of Job Descriptions

* The Art of Being Thankful

* Poems of Power
(From Ella Wheeler Wilcox - 1901)

* Verbal Communication: A "No Refund" Happening
(Part I)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" February 2019)

* Verbal Communication: A "No Refund" Happening
(Part II)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" May 2019)

* Inadequate & Irresponsible Nursing Practice:
Today’s Nursing Dilemma

* Non-Verbal Communication: The Silent Giveaway
( March 2020 - Publication requested and given by this author to New Hampshire Nursing Association)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" November 2018)

* Compassion: Caring that Truly Makes a Difference
(Commendation: "Best In-Service in Months!")
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" August 2019)

* Problems and Decisions: Waltzing with Options
(Commendation: "Excellent for Inexperienced Students")

* Negotiation: Winning by Mutual Agreement
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" August 2020)

* Challenges in Hiring New and Experienced Leaders
PCI - Nationwide (Student Nurse) 2021

* Fraternization:
Public vs. Private Relationships
(Teaching Document)

* Challenges in Acquiring New or Experienced Nursing Leaders and Nursing Administrators
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE") February 2021

* Workplace Fraternization
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE") November 2020

* Polio, TB, & HIV/AIDS Epidemic History
(Commendation: "Most Interesting Perspective")
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE") August 2017

The Logic of Nursing Civility
PCI - MT (Nursing News) Winter 2021
PCI - Tenn. (Nurse Extra) Edition 52, 2022
PCI - Washington Edition 45, 2022
PCI - Wyoming Edition 68, 2022
PCI- Arizona (Nursing News) Edition 53

* Theories: The Basis for Leadership Decisions
(Part I)
(Commendation for Nurse Leadership Education)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE") November 2019

* The Silent Key to Civility
PCI - So. Carolina (Palmetto Nurse) Spring 2021
PCI - Nationwide (StuNurse) May 2021
PCI - Georgia (Georgian Nurse) Summer 2021
PCI - Washington (Nursing News) Vol. 13 #2, Edition 41 - 2021
PCI - Nevada (Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - D.C. ( D.C. Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - Wyo. (Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - Tenn. (Nursing Extra) Summer 2021
PCI - Montana (Nursing News) Winter 2021

* Theories: The Basis for Leadership Decisions
(Part II)
(Commendation for Nurse Leadership Education)
(Publication: Montana Nurses Association "PULSE" February 2020)

* The Essence of Loneliness

* The Politics of the Hiring Process

* Shared Governance in the Health Care Organization:
United We Stand - Divided We Fall

* The Syllabus: Documented Journey to Success

* Nursing Leadership Hiring Related to Age, Gender, &
Nondiscriminatory Behaviors
(PCI National Publication in Seven States for Nurses and Nursing Students)
PCI - So. Carolina (Palmetto Nurse) Spring 2021
PCI - Montana (Nursing News) Spring 2021
PCI - D.C. (D.C. Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - Nationwide (StuNurse) May 2021
PCI - California (Nursing Update) Spring 2021
PCI - Arizona (Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - Wyo. (Nursing News) Summer 2021
PCI - North Carolina Edition 100 (thinknurse.com) 2021
PCI - D.C. (D.C. Nursing News) Fall 2021

* Educational Program Mapping
PCI - StuNurse (nationwide.com) February 2022
PCI - DC (DC Nursing News) Winter 2022
PCI - Arizona (Arizona Nursing News, Edition 51) 2022

* Meta-Message – The Understanding and Response

* Guilt vs Shame: Recognition For Resolution
PCI - Tenn. (Nursing Extra, Vol 11.2.49.) Fall 2021
PCI - Nevada (Nevada Nurse Updates) Fall 2021
PCI - Georgia (The Georgian Nurse, Vol 8.4.) Fall 2021
PCI - Arizona (Arizona Nursing News, Edition 49) 2021
PCI - Washington (Washington Nursing News, Vol 13. 3. Edition 42) 2021

* Understanding The Role of Organizational Standards

* Seeking Solace: A Reprieve from Nursing Stress
PCI - Montana (Montana Nursing News) Fall 2021
PCI-Arizona Edition 50 (thinknurse.com) 2021
PCI-California Nurse CABN Edition 9 (thinknurse.com) 2021
PCI-Washington Edition 43 (thinknurse.com) 2021
PCI - StuNurse 49 (nationwide.com) Oct. 2021
PCI - D.C. Edition 57 2021
PCI - Wyo. Edition 65 2021
PCI - Tenn. Edition 50 2021
PCI - North Carolina Edition 100 2021
PCI - New Mexico Edition 65 2022
PCI - Indiana State Board of Nursing FOCUS Edition 70 2022
PCI - Nevada State Board of Nursing News Edition 74 Summer 2022

The Advancing Science of Nursing Practice
PCI - Nursing Update Volume 72 #3 Summer 2022
PCI- California (Nursing Update) Edition 12
PCI- DC (Nursing News) Edition 60
PCI- South Carolina Edition 65
PCI- North Carolina Edition 102

* Moral and Ethical Decisions in Personal Lives and Nursing Practice
PCI - Arizona (Nursing News) Winter 2021
PCI - California (Nursing Update) Fall 2021
PCI - GABN (The Georgian Nursing), Winter 2021
PCI - D.C. (DC Nursing News) Fall 2021
PCI - Montana (Nursing News) Fall 2021
PCI - Wyo. (Nursing News) Winter 2021
PCI - Tenn. (Nursing Extra) Winter 2021
PCI - Washington (Washington Nursing News, Edition 43) 2021
PCI - Wyoming Edition 66 (thinknurse.com) 2021

Elementary School Resource Center

* School Nurse -- An Exceptional and Worthy Challenge

* Behavioral Psychology/Behaviorism: A School Nurse And School Teacher Collaboration

*People Skills Versus Intimidation and Passive-Aggressive Behaviors
PCI - Washington Nursing News Volume 14 Number 1
Edition 44
PCI - Wyoming Nursing News Volume 18
Number 1, 2022
PCI - Indiana State Board of Nursing FOCUS Edition 70, 2022
PCI - Arkansas Board of Nursing Edition 114, 2022
PCI - Arizona Nurse Edition 52, 2022
PCI - California Nurse Edition 11, 2022
PCI - DC Edition 59, 2022
PCI - Georgia Nurse Edition 36, 2022
PCI - Indiana Nurse Edition 70, 2022
PCI - North Carolina Nursing Journal Edition 100, 2022
PCI - StuNurse Edition 51, 2022

* Manipulation and Gaslighting--A Leaders Covert Understanding of Behavior

* Understanding Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviors & The School Nurse Role

* Relevant Nursing Education

* Promoting a Star Leader
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper March 02, 2022)

* Employees as Leaders
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper March 09, 2022)

* Introduction to Performance Standards
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper March 16, 2022)

* Discrimination In Employment ( #1 )
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper March 23, 2022)

*Discrimination In Employment ( #2 )
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper March 30, 2022)

* Controlling Entropy
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper April 6, 2022)

*The Boiling Frog Effect
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper April 13, 2022)
PCI- North Carolina Edition 102
PCI- Tennessee Edition 53
PCI- Washington Edition 46

* Q&A Time
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper April 20, 2022)

* Employee Disruptive Tendencies
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper April 27, 2022)

* Managing Disruptive Employee Tendencies
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper May 4, 2022)

* The Rule of Three & Four
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper May 11, 2022)

* Nepotism - Favoritism - Cronyism
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper May 18, 2022)

* Organizational Standards
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper Article of May 25, 2022)

* Board Role and Function
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper June 1, 2022)

* Rage Rooms
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper June 8, 2022)

* School Nurse Challenge
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper June 15, 2022)

* Fraternization
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper June 22, 2022)

* Hiring Related to Age
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper June 29, 2022)

* Hiring Dinobabies
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper July 06, 2022)

* Gender Choices
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper July 13, 2022)

* Communication: Part I
(Publication: Miles City STAR Newspaper July 20, 2022)

* Communication: Part II
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article July 27, 2022)

* Communication: Part III
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article Sept 7, 2022)

* Communication: Part IV
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article Sept 14, 2022)

* Communication: Part V
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article Sept 21, 2022)

* Communication: Part VI
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article Sept 28, 2022)

* Communication: Part VII
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article October 5, 2022)

* Critical Thinking and Voting
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article October 12, 2022)
(Publication: Glasgow Courier, October 26, 2022)
(Publication: Billings Gazette, November 2, 2022)

* Communication: Part VIII
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article October 19, 2022)

* Communication: Part IX
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article October 26, 2022)

* Communication: Part X
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article November 2, 2022)

* Communication: Part XI
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article November 9, 2022)

* Communication: Part XII
(Publication: Star Newspaper Article November 16, 2022)

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Dr. Carolyn Taylor

About Author Carolyn R. Taylor, Ed.D. M.N. R.N.

Dr. Carolyn Taylor, a graduate of Montana State University and Brigham Young University, has taught and assisted in the implementation of leadership techniques at several prestigious universities and colleges. She has shared her leadership knowledge and techniques internationally and with committees/boards responsible for the leadership of staff. As a retired nurse having experienced all areas of nursing practice, levels of teaching, leadership employment, and different levels of disciplines within the nursing leadership field, she now offers her expertise to all leaders. She has been a leader as a business owner and experienced the talent/lack of talent of many proclaimed leaders. Humanistic leadership concepts have been the hallmark of Dr. Taylor’s success. Consistent contributor to Montana Nurses Association PULSE Quarterly Publication since February, 2017.  Nationally reimbursed, acclaimed, and published author by PCI Publishing, Arkansas. Weekly Paid Contributor to the Miles City STAR in Miles City, Montana.

Dr. Taylor is available for private consultations, organizational visitations, teaching engagements, and other selective experiences that will prove to be successful for any facility/organization leader, nursing students, and employees.

Nationally Paid & Acclaimed Author

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Author's Philosophy:

I believe that every professional nurse with a significant and successful history in any realm of healthcare within their lifetime has a responsibility to teach and participate professionally with students, practicing nurses, and the community. This "giving effort" should include learned nursing theories and knowledge related to healthcare practice and leadership skills.

I believe that the word "professional" and "specialist" means that you, as a nursing leader, are willing to teach, lead, and manage healthcare by always being willing to give to others of your time and talents — often times, much more than you obviously receive. Your "gift of giving" to others means you will leave this world a much better place for mankind.


  1. To provide supportive methods and techniques of leadership that help to provide organizational stability and success.
  2. To provide supportive ideas for personal employee success and satisfaction.
  3. To present the magic and confidence of leadership theory and practice.


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