Becoming a Leader in the Health Care Industry

Take charge with health care leadership training from NURSE POWER available through Amazon.com. Author Dr.Carolyn Taylor provides you with unique insight on leading in this challenging field through her book, Nurse Power: Secret Skills That Produce Leadership Success.

This extraordinary book reveals everything you always wanted to know about leadership in the health care field! If you're in the nursing field, you're confident in your education as a nurse. But what if you're interested in leading and educating others? If you have a talent for leadership, you have an extra edge in the health care field. People who have the capacity to guide others are valuable!

Nurse Power is your guide to leadership success, with techniques, concepts, and theories to help you master skills ranging from patient communication to appointment of board members. You can read Nurse Power all the way through or find the document that addresses an issue you're facing right now. This unique book is designed so that each document is a self-contained topic, serving as a reference for many different subjects.

To ensure you understand the theory and concepts, try answering some of the simple multiple choice questions at the end of each document. Then, see if you can apply the concepts to your specific work setting. Better still, teach the concept and see if your students or employees can apply the concepts to their situation.

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